Streamline training sessions with best-in-class search

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Are you wasting too much time getting everyone on the same page? Thanks to our action-based search that leverages faceted search, filters, and in-document search, your new hires can find what they needs in seconds, not minutes. 

5 Hours

Time each staff member loses each week trying to find information that already exists

280 Hours

Time each staff member loses each year trying to find information that already exists


Money lost each year per staff member looking for information that already exists


Money lost each year per team of 8 people looking for information that already exists

Stop wasting time and money

Superior organization for smoother onboarding

YouTube videos

Blog posts

Screen shots 

LinkedIn profiles 


And more


Collaborative Web Clipper

Security, Control & Visibility

This collaborative bookmarking tool is the best way to capture and share web content within your team or across your organization. 

Grab anything in a flash:

Add instructional videos, policies and procedures, product FAQs, and everything else to Shelf and let the technology do the rest. Shelf’s 3-tiered approach to organization incorporates folders, a robust tag library, and easily customizable badges – giving you a flexible and intuitive knowledge base of everything your new hires need to get up to speed.

McKinsey Global Institute*

Communications Officer at Trickle Up

Tyler McClelland

The Best Search in the Industry 

Organize your content

Collaborative Web Clipper 

As Seen In:

Stop wasting time and money

Shelf has a number of intuitive user roles to ensure that everyone who needs access to your training materials has the ability to interact with content in a way that properly reflects their role within the organization. Shelf’s industry best practice security ensures that the right content is accessed by the right people.

Enterprise-level security

Enterprise standard encryption, authentication, and backup with recovery

Shelf has a unique waterfall permission system that gives admins the visibility and control they need. Always know who has access to what documents and easily prevent sensitive information from being shared.

Transparent Permissions
= Total Control

Get insights into how content is used

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Up to 10 users

Perfect for project teams in Marketing, Sales, HR, Product or Operations.

Team plan



Up to 20 users

Ideal for cross-functional teams and departmental initiatives.

Group plan

Workplace plan



Up to 50 users

Ideal for department, small companies and cross-organizational knowledge sharing.


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More than 50 Users

Scale knowledge sharing across the entire organization.

Save time

Save team members up
to 280 hours a year

Prevent costly mistakes

Stop redoing work and losing out on opportunities because your file system is a mess

Find new opportunities

Auto-suggestion and recommendations help connect people to opportunities they didn't even know existed

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A single location for all your different materials

Whether your documents are stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, a shared drive, or a combination of locations, use Shelf to easily unify all your training content. Add videos from YouTube, articles from the web, images, audio files and more to make the onboarding process more efficient for you and more manageable for your new hires.

The Best Search in the Industry 

The Only Knowledgebase Built for Training & Onboarding

Centralize important training and onboarding knowledge to unify your organization

The Best Company Content Sharing Platform. Period.


Use Shelf to save time, prevent costly mistakes, and find new opportunities

Rated 4.93 / 5 

Capterra, a Gartner company, rated Shelf in the Top 5 for User Friendly document management platforms out of over 500 companies. Instead of spending your new hires’ time on learning new technology, keep them focused on the things they’ll need to know to be successful at their jobs. 

A Leader in Usability

Achieve the content zen you’ve always wanted with an intuitive, clean way to organize your company’s resources. This isn’t just another storage solution. It’s a place to single out only the best, most relevant, and up-to-date content your team can use to get the job done.   

Showcase your most important content from any  location.

Eliminate duplicates and old versions of files.

Easily sort with tags, filters, and badges.


The Most Flexible Content Platform


Showcase your most important content from any  location.

Eliminate duplicates and old versions of files.

Easily sort with tags, filters, and badges.


Manage links, Youtube videos, Linkedin profiles, web articles, social media posts, docs, presentations, PDF's, audio, video, Google Docs and more.

"We looked at a lot of places to host our content library for employees and Partners, and hands-down, Shelf was the best. Affordable, simple, straightforward, not trying to re-create a social network. Shelf does what it does, and does it great."

Pol Stafford 

Technology Director at Partners in School Innovation 

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